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AviusTM rules the roost for maintaining healthy performing birds.

Healthy, high-performing birds have similar microbiomes. It is important to start with a thorough understanding of their GI to better understand what makes birds healthy and resilient. Leverage the world's largest poultry microbiome datasets at Native by including Avius Protect. Enable your flock to maintain a positive microbial state, reduce the likelihood of major microbial successions, and give your birds the durability to go the distance.

Durable Native Microbes
Field proven to work day in day out.

Add to feed daily via pelleted feed or post-pellet liquid application.

Getting to a positive microbial state.

Avius takes advantage of “founder effects” to maintain the chicken gut microbiome. Founder effects are the initial colonizers that determine future microbiome states. Avius Protect helps maintain the normal growth in a healthy and sustainable chicken microbiome.

The microbiome shifts throughout the life of the bird especially after feed changes. Major microbial dysbiosis are opportunities for pathogens to take over the microbiome. Continuous feeding of the good, native microbes in Avius Protect ensures a resilient microbiome.





Keep Doing Your Thing

Easy-To-Use - Simply add to your existing ration at one-half pound per ton of complete poultry feed. Mix thoroughly and let the millions of colony-forming units per gram take it from there.

No Sweat Storing - Just store in the original closed container in a cool, dry place.

Conveniently Sized - Available in 50 lb bags. Fits any size operation.

Get in Touch Product Label

Avius is protected by one or more of the following Patent No(s): -- 10,617,134; 10,624,366; 10,632,157

Active Ingredient

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, minimum
340,000,000 CFU/g

Inactive Ingredient

  • Calcium Carbonate